Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of the most common questions I get as a women’s health coach.

I specialize in helping busy women looking to accomplish any of the following: weight loss, increasing energy levels, curbing cravings and hunger, reducing stress, and living a more balanced life.

Health coaching is great for anyone ready and inspired to make changes in their life, but unsure of how to get started. I will take the time to listen to your unique concerns and help you identify goals, strategies, and solutions that work for you. I will help you navigate the world of contradictory nutritional advice to identify exactly what will work for your body and your needs. 

As a general rule, I recommend a minimum of 3-6 months for my clients. Achieving true, sustainable change takes time. Additionally, I practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, meaning I look at how all areas of you life are connected. Unlike achieving quick, unlasting results like with a fad diet, my programs are about taking extra time to focus on what’s best for every aspect of your life. You’re less likely to maintain something that doesn’t serve you as a whole. This doesn’t mean you won’t start seeing results much sooner, but it’s the journey not the destination, that teaches you how to truly maintain a happier, healthier life. 

Yes! Most HSA’s and FSA’s will cover the cost of health coaching, however, they may require a “letter of medical necessity” from your physician. These are generally easy to obtain if you have been diagnosed with obesity, high blood pressure, or any other related condition.

You can choose between paying for the program upfront or setting up a monthly payment plan. All major credit cards are accepted as well as HSA’s and FSA’s.

Savvy Health is a technology-enabled, virtual, holistic health coaching service. Savvy Health exists to help you find better balance and health by identifying areas of imbalance, getting clear on goals, and making lasting change to help you get and stay on track with your health goals.

TheSavvy Health method is a health coaching method, program, and platform that combines Integrative Health, Positive Psychology, and Transformative Coaching to help you identify and heal the cracks in your health and wholeness. As your Savvy Health Coach, I have been trained to help you 1) easily identify imbalances, 2) set clear goals,
3) track habits, and 4) stay accountable to your goals for lasting change!

I will meet with you for 30-minutes to kick off your health coaching journey and create your personalized health plan. From there, I’ll meet with you for 30-minutes every two weeks to check-in. You can also message me in your Savvy Health App between sessions for additional support. In the app, you’ll log daily habits and goals that we set, which I review regularly. 

As much as you would like! I’m here to make sure you feel as supported as possible between your check-ins every two weeks. All communication is done through the Savvy Health app, making getting the support you need a breeze!

If the information on my website or app has still left you unsure of whether or not you would benefit from my programs, I recommend scheduling a free 30 minute strategy session with me where we can talk more in-depth about your goals. 

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